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This page is called My books – Reclaim The Romance because that’s just what they do. I’m tired of people being scornful of romance. Romance is cool, both to read and to write!

Forbidden Love and Other Stories is my first – and tenth. Why? Because it’s my first self-published book but I have had nine others published by Mills and Boon.  Also –  Forbidden Love is the first to be published under my own name – the Mills and Booners were all under my pen-name Rachel Elliot.

It’s a collection of four short stories – they’re all romantic and with just enough spice to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. If you were to place this book on a curry scale – it would be hotter than a Korma, but not as blow-your-socks-off as a Vindaloo. It would come somewhere round the Chicken Tikka Masala mark.

The title story – Forbidden Love – tells the tale of a sexy bad-boy rock star and his love for the girl he left behind. Here’s an excerpt, just to whet your appetite…

Knowing she’d soon be with him gave him that pleasantly familiar little ache in his groin. He’d grown to enjoy the feeling, even though he knew it was an itch that wasn’t about to get scratched.


Seeing her standing there with the moonlight playing all about her made the itch intensify a thousand-fold. She didn’t have the longest legs, the tightest ass or the biggest breasts in the world. She didn’t pout her pretty lips or throw back her tousled hair or look at him through narrowed come-to-bed eyes. But right then she was the sexiest creature he’d ever seen and he knew he’d never want anyone the way he wanted her. She belonged to him – then and forever.

‘Sit here beside me.’ He patted the rug he was lying on. ‘It’s cool tonight.’

‘Then why don’t you keep me warm.’

His jokey reply died on his lips when he looked into her eyes, and knew what she was really saying. Suddenly he was nervous. It was crazy – he’d been with plenty of girls, how could he be nervous? But this wasn’t just any girl, this was Jo. His Jo.

‘Are you sure? Really sure?’ He had to clear his throat before he could speak.

Her eyes looked deep into his. ‘Yes Jake.’


‘Because I love you. And I’m ready.’ For a strange moment it was as though their roles had reversed – she was the experienced one and he the fumbling amateur.

I hope you enjoyed that small taster – and if you’d like to read more, Forbidden Love is available to download from Amazon.





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