Paragon Vets

I have produced a number of dvds for the Cumbria-based Paragon Vets, to explain and demonstrate their various services and to publicise special offers.

This explains the important role worm counts can play in horse health.

When ponies and horses get older they may need a little extra care and attention – here’s Paragon equine vet Paul May to tell you more.

Paragon can now offer Acupuncture for a range of conditions in animals
– as Laura McKirdy explains.

Microchipping of dogs becomes compulsory in April 2016. It’s an easy and swift procedure and can do a great deal to reunite missing dogs with their owners. The next two dvds explain more about the importance of microchipping.

This is of interest to anyone who owns a dog with anxiety issues. Thundershirts are go!

And if you’d like to transform your scruffy pooch into a handsome hound – Paragon Groomer Jude can show you just how much difference
a makeover can make!

Graham Lewis tackles the tricky problem of dealing with fleas and worms – and demonstrates how to clip your cat’s nails.

Don’t let fireworks make your pet’s life a misery.

Pets can be vaccinated against a wide range of conditions and Paragon Vets believe they’re a crucial element in keeping animals healthy.

Training pups from a very early stage is the best way to ensure they grow up top become well-mannered and obedient dogs. Paragon run regular puppy parties to get pups off to the best possible start.

Dogs can help to save others dogs’ lives – by giving blood. Could your dog become a blood donor?

And this remembers two of the very few sunny days we had in Cumbria 
in 2012!

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