It’s very satisfying to be thanked for a job well done…

This recommendation came from Suzanne Burgess, after we produced a dvd for her company Solway Renewable Energy. My friend and colleague Kim Inglis presented it.

“Gilly, working with her partner in crime Kim Inglis, made what appeared to me to be a very complex task of making a video into a brilliant promotional video seem really easy. With Gilly’s guidance I created a rough script to work with and two half days of filming followed. It was great to be in the hands of professionals – ask me to install solar panels, I’m in clover. Ask me to produce anything creative – well that’s another story. 

Thanks to Gilly’s professionalism and friendly advice we kick started a new business with a promotional video that clearly explained what we did within a couple of short minutes and as a result built a great local business.” 
Service Category: Video Production
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative


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