The twelfth grape…

Twelve grYou may well wonder why I’ve chosen to adorn this post – with a bunch of grapes. Well – these aren’t just any old grapes. One in particular is downright special. That’s because – when it was eaten somewhere in Madrid at midnight on December 31st, a good luck wish was made on it – for me.

How cool is that? I really love traditions and we Scots have plenty of them, especially round Hogmanay and New Year. But I hadn’t come across this one before. I learned about it from a new Spanish friend – Monica Ocana. She told me the custom is to eat a grape and make a wish for someone with every chime of the bell as the Old Year passes into the New, and that my grape was the twelfth. Love it!

I reckon this is why I love the Internet – because it can introduce you to people you’d probably never otherwise have met and teach you things you’d never otherwise have learned. A fairly random exchange of comments on Facebook led me into conversation with Monica – and we’ve been chatting away ever since.

Monica’s a student but she also translates books into Spanish and helps authors promote their work in the USA through interviews, guesting on blog sites and so on. Thanks to her I’ve already appeared on Stitch-Read-Cook…


and Romance Book Paradise

RomanceBookParadiseAnd I’m also – pause for fanfare of trumpets – strutting my stuff on Reading Between The Wines…


Monica has quite a few more guest posts lined up for me over the next few weeks, so you never know where I might pop up.

Meanwhile – I hope many good wishes have been made on many grapes for you – and that they all come true!


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