Wearing many hats…

hats mfI’m accustomed to wearing many hats… sometimes several different titfers all at the same time. When I worked for the Cumbria-based Border TV I was Reporter, Presenter, Forward Planner, Bulletin Editor, Documentary Maker, Newsreader,    Coffee-Maker, and lots more besides.

Now as a Freelance, I’m a Film-Maker, Editor, Producer, Writer, PR Person, Creator of newsletters and brochures, Press Release Writer – and yes, very much more besides.

One of my favourite roles is doing PR and Marketing for Paragon Vets. They’re a   multi-discipline practice, meaning they have Farm, Equine and Small Animal sections. I usually spend one day a week at Paragon – and no two of those days are ever the same.



I might be out on a farm visit, or filming an operation – fortunately I’ve found the sight of blood and innards doesn’t make me squeamish.



tortoise party 2011 008Or I might be attending a Tortoise Party – you don’t believe tortoises have parties? Hey – those boys and girls can rock! The parties tend to be held just before hibernation time of year, to make sure the owners know what they have to do, and to ensure the torties are properly prepared for their long snooze. It’s not just a case of putting on their pj’s and turning off the lights!

DS0021_zI might see a perfectly healthy horse being given a top-to-toe examination – because Paragon Vets believe this is a great way to pre-empt many medical problems. So they create a range of Heath Plans, tailored to the specific animal, covering routine stuff like worming and vaccinations, but also making sure they’re ready and able for the job they’re going to be doing.

IMG_8222-2Then of course there are our puppy parties – a lovely way to socialise young dogs, by letting them mix with other youngsters. We also introduce them to a whole new range of situations – everything you can think of from mail coming through the letterbox –

IMG_8244– – to men with beards (or in this case a Paragon nurse wearing a fake beard…) and people wearing strange hats! It all helps them to grow up into safe, sensible animals.

When I was a kid I really wanted to be a Vet when I grew up because I loved animals and could think of nothing nicer than being round them all day long. Sadly for me I just didn’t have any aptitude for science, so that scuppered that idea. Doing PR for a Vet is definitely the next best thing however!

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