Writing press releases

blogWriting press releases is an art form. So many are barely worth the paper – or the computer screen – they’re written on. Harsh comment? True nevertheless. I do know whereof I speak – as a Journalist I must have binned enough press releases to sink a flotilla of toy boats. Why? Because they were too long, too boring, too waffly or quite possibly all three at once.

On the other hand – some of the press releases which hit the cutting room floor ┬ácontain good, interesting, valid news stories. So why did they fail to make the cut? Because the point of the story was buried deep within a wodge of paragraphs. I could be charitable and say journalists and editors are far too busy to wade through acres of words to get to the salient points – and that’s true. But it’s also true – unfortunately – that many simply won’t bother to even try. The point of the story needs to be right at the top of the pyramid/iceberg/triangle – select your own cliche.

However – I’ve just disobeyed all my own rules. The point of this post is actually to tell you that I’m the star guest on one of my absolute favourite websites – namely ‘Make A Living Writing’. It’s hosted by the award-winning writer and columnist Carol Tice, who’s also the Den-Mother of the Freelance Writers Den. To have a post accepted is nothing short of a coup as Carol’s standards are very high.

So – I hope you’ve stuck with me long enough to get to the interesting bit of the sandwich – and if you’re hungry for more – please do go over to the website – and an even bigger PLEASE do leave a comment there.

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